NEW RELEASE!! The Edge of Heaven by Gia Riley ~ Sarah A’s Review


When I said I would kill for her, I meant it. When I said I would die for her, I meant that, too. 

But protection comes with a price and so does my life.

I can’t hold her.

I can’t speak to her.

I can’t even see her.

The most important piece of my life is gone.

I had everything.

I had Winnie.

And just like that, my unconditional love vanished.

Picking up the pieces is impossible.

There’s no easy way to fall out of love.

But that’s exactly what I have to do.

The Edge of Heaven is the emotional conclusion to Wrong Side of Heaven.

One jilted love story.

Four converging paths.

A brand new forever.

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After the deeply poignant intensity of Wrong Side of Heaven, I was expecting something completely earth-shattering and fantastically therapeutic.  While this book was quite an addictive read and kept me completely engrossed from the first page, it didn’t quite live up to the enormity of its predecessor.  I was shocked by how completely different the book from what I expected.

The Edge of Heaven is the second book in Gia Riley’s Broken Wings duet.  This book CAN NOT be read as a standalone; it literally picks up right in the middle of the story, and you need the first part of Winnie’s story to make sense of the second.  The Edge of Heaven is written in triple first-person perspective, narrated by Winnie, Jasper, and Trey.

As I said, I was wholly engrossed in the final episode of Winnie’s story from the beginning; from waiting to see what the shot Jasper heard in the final second of Wrong Side of Heaven, to figuring out what the future held for Winnie and her suitors, I was all in.  The plot moved quite quickly, through tons of situations from horrifying to awkward to devastating and everything in between.  I appreciated that Ms. Riley gave Winnie a shot at a normal life, even if Winnie wouldn’t accept that she deserved it.

Winnie is easily one of the most heartbreaking characters I’ve read in some time.  Perhaps it’s because we’re with only ambiguous clues as to what all has been done to her without her permission or because the only person she’s ever been able to count on continually left her in a dreadful situation for his own selfish reasons, most likely was because she didn’t believe she was worth more than any of that.  Whatever the reason, even when she was highly frustrating my heart and soul ached for the little girl who had been broken and decimated by life.

I honestly have no idea how I feel about her relationships with Jasper and Trey.  I went back and forth through both books and am still trying to figure out who she needed more, who deserved her love.  They were both infuriating and wonderful in equal measure.  In the end, I think the way Ms. Riley ended this story was exactly what Winnie needed, even if it wasn’t necessarily what I wanted or expected.  The fact she gave her character the ending perfect for her garners my love and respect for her writing; it’s a line not all authors will toe.

I always have – and always will – need the healing arc of the character to be a big part of the story, and it was lacking for me.  I know I’m not the norm for this, and most people just want the intrigue and romance, but my biggest wish for The Edge of Heaven would be for her journey to learning to be enough for herself and live would have been more than a couple epilogue-style chapters at the end.  That fight for mental health is important, and I would have loved to have seen it be the focal point of this book.

The Broken Wings duet is my first experience with Gia Riley’s writing, and let me tell you; I’m a fan.  Her writing style, while it did take a little getting used to as the timeline is more fluid than a lot of other romance authors’, was captivating and clever.  She was able to wring emotions out of me like a rag and kept my heart pumping with the action and intrigue she wove into this story.  I will definitely be checking out her backlist and watching for her future releases.

Some touched.

Some watched.

Some just talked to me.

They all had their vices.


I’m trailer trash in the slums of Carillon.

Until I met him, the mysterious neighbor who speaks through handwritten notes. He never shows his face, only comes and goes late at night, and I’m drawn to him like a moth to a flame.

I shouldn’t want him.

I don’t need him.

But when I close my eyes, he’s all I see.

He’s my addiction. The secret I keep close to my heart.

But sometimes things aren’t what they seem, and secrets don’t stay secrets forever.

And together, we’re just two lost souls on the wrong side of heaven.

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 Author Gia Riley has been in love with writing romance since high school when she took her very first creative writing class. From the small but mighty state of Delaware, she’s a country girl at heart, traveling back to her roots in Pennsylvania as often as she can.

While New Adult and Contemporary romance have been her passion, she’s dabbled with more erotic plotlines lately, enjoying discovering the sexier side of love with each story she pens. After all, she’s a lover of all things romance – a firm believer that everyone deserves their

happily ever after no matter what it takes to get there.

When she’s not writing, you can find her roaming the aisles of Kirkland’s, up to her elbows in Play-doh, or trying to hunt down spoilers for her favorite reality television show.

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