NOW LIVE!! Three Irish Brothers by Sienna Blake ~ Sarah A’s Review

I used to think I was one of the lucky ones.

But at twenty-six, I’ve left my life in New York behind—my perfect fiancé, my stylish friends, my high-flying marketing career—and moved to Ireland.

Truthfully, my perfect fiancé is now my ex after I walked in on him face-deep in my best friend’s p***y.

And my career? It’s over. Because that cheating ex-fiancé of mine… he owns the company I worked for.

I know. I know. Don’t screw your boss. Trust me, I’m never making that mistake again.

On my way to the remote Irish farm I’m now working on, my car hits a ditch. I’m rescued by the three sexiest men I’ve everseen.

The three Irish O’Callaghan brothers.

Broad shoulders, strong arms, accents that make me wet just to hear them.

I want them. All of them.

I know they all want me.

Plot twist…

Turns out they’re my new bosses.

Sienna’s Quick & Dirty series consists of full-length standalone novels which are hotter, dirtier and quicker than her other novels.

Warning: This is a sexy yet emotional reverse harem romance, a full-length, standalone novel at 50k words. Three sexy Irish brothers who want nothing more than to please their special woman. All at the same time.


This book was exactly what the series title indicated, quick and dirty.  I picked it up after breakfast and was finished before lunch.  And the steam factor was sky high.  Three Irish Brothers was my first go at any type of relationship beyond a ménage, and it was fascinating, the fact that the men were all brothers added an extra layer of taboo, and I was there for it.

I wasn’t sure about Savannah when I started reading Three Irish Brothers; she was insipid, materialistic, and conceited.  What I didn’t know was she had no idea who she was or what she needed and wanted out of life.  As the story went on and she blossomed and grew into the woman the O’Callaghan brothers loved, it was evident she had been living life as a representation of what she thought the people around her would like.  It was a heartbreaking realization.  Seeing her as the whole, strong, intriguing woman she was behind her former mask was incredibly rewarding.

As mentioned, this was the first book I’ve read with more than three people in it.  It was a concept that was intriguing to me, as two men and a single woman seems manageable, but adding a third man seems overwhelming, to me.  Once I got into the meat of their relationship I was enraptured, they were all so attentive and patient I felt a tinge of jealousy about only having a single partner.  I could see the beauty and trust of their relationship shine from the pages and it was evident the four of them were in a wonderful and healthy relationship.

I had a few wishes for this book, mostly editing issues.  First there were a lot of continuity issues regarding the house, it went from having one bathroom they all had to share (with one extra toilet, somewhere) to a sprawling estate with twelve bedrooms and six bathrooms, and her bedroom goes from being a tiny room with a double bed to having a king size bed and en-suite bathroom.  There were also a few issues with word usage between American English and British English regarding the words Savannah would have used.  I also wish the book would have been longer, not that the story wasn’t complete, it just felt a little rushed, and I would have loved to have spent more time with Savannah and the O’Callaghan brothers.

Sienna Blake is a storyteller & ink slinger, word spinner of love stories with grit, and alter ego of a USA Today Bestselling Author.

She loves all things that make her heart race — roller coasters, thrillers and rowdy unrestrained sex. She likes to explore the darker side of human nature in her writing.

If she told you who she really was, she’d have to kill you. Because of her passion for crime and forensics, she’d totally get away with your murder.

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