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Patricia Lee

I am an accountant by day but moonlight as an avid reader and blogger. I am married to a HS coach/teacher and we have two very active athletes. When not working or chasing my family to various sporting events, I can be found with my nose in my kindle. I enjoy cleaning much more now that I have audiobooks to help pass the time.

I enjoyed reading as a child but took more interest when I discovered my mother’s romance novels at 16. But college, marriage and starting a family got in the way. Aside from textbooks, I had not read anything for pleasure until I picked up Twilight. After I read FSoG for the third time, I decided it was time to find some other books and I immersed myself in the hunt for my next great read.

I want romance and I like there to be a HEA. I am not particular whether it’s YA, NA or Contemporary, I just want a book with well-developed characters, a story that keeps me engaged and I like books to invoke emotion – preferably the full spectrum. Romantic comedies are not my favorite, but I do enjoy them after reading something heavier. I used to have an aversion to paranormal because sometimes the plots are so intricate it takes too much effort to understand the story. Reading is my escape from reality. But Amy Bartol masterfully changed my mind on paranormal/fantasy with her Premonition Series and Kricket Series.  I have recently tried stepping further out of my comfort zone with romantic suspense.

If I were to choose a favorite book it would probably a tie between Slammed Series and Hopeless. Colleen Hoover is a master at her craft of writing stories that are gripping and brimming with emotion. I think everyone should experience something from Colleen Hoover before they die – preferably one of the above.

Contact: aliteraryperusal.patricia@gmail.com

Sarah Arndt

Hi, I’m a SAHM of four crazy boys.  We homeschool, so my life is…  lets go with interesting.  In addition to reading I am also a huge music nerd and play in my community band.

I have been reading my entire life.  My mom likes to tell people that I started reading when I was four and haven’t stopped since.  I tend to be fairly picky about the writing in a book because of the length of my love affair with books.

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes will always stick out to me as one of the most emotional books I’ve ever read.  I came out of that book as a different person than I was when I started it.

When I am reading, first and foremost, the writing has to draw me in.  Character development is also huge, I NEED to know who the narrator is, maybe better than I know myself.  I don’t read a lot of ‘funny’ books.  I prefer a book to tear my heart out and stomp on it a little bit.  I also enjoy complicated plots, where I am constantly trying to figure out what has happened, what is about to happen, and where the journey is going to end.

I’m a huge nerd. Huge, giant nerd.  Some of the very best things that I have ever read are the Harry Potter series; JK Rowling will always be my Queen, along with the Lord of the Ring trilogy (& the Hobbit), and the Hunger Games.  And yes, I read (or at least started, if the series weren’t complete) them all before they became huge movie franchises.  And no, the movie is NEVER as good as the book

If I were going to make someone read a book, just one book, before they die I think that it would have to be I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou.  I read it in high school and the themes and lessons I learned from that book still resonate today.

Contact: aliteraryperusal.saraharndt@gmail.com

Sarah Larson

My name is Sarah, I am 33 years old and live in Minnesota.  I am married to my high school sweetheart and we have one daughter.  I work in home care and also have a small cleaning business.  I love spending time with my family and going camping in the summer.

I loved to read as a child but then got busy with life and stopped for a few years.  A friend of mine convinced me to read FSOG and I haven’t stopped reading since.  I usually read 3-5 books per week.

One book that made me cry big ugly tears is the Ever trilogy by Jasinda Wilder.  It is such a beautifully written series.  Tara Sivec’s Chocolate Lovers series is hilarious and an absolute must read.

I love reading lots of different genres of books.  I love the ones that keep me on the edge of my seat but I also love a good ugly cry book.  I love to read YA, New Adult, Erotica,Contemporary Romance and Suspense novels.  I don’t care for paranormal or historical romance books.  I am also not a fan of cliffhangers especially if there is going to be a long wait until the next book releases.

My favorite book of all time is Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire.  I love her writing style.

One book I think everyone must read is Ten Tiny Breaths by K.A. Tucker.  I read this book a few years ago when I first got back into reading and it is one that has always stuck with me.

Contact: aliteraryperusal.sarah@gmail.com

Whitney McGregor

Hi!  I’m Whitney and I work full time as an RN.  I am married with four furry children and my hobbies included reading (obviously), going to concerts and movies and hanging out with my husband and our families.

I was a big reader growing up, but for several years did not read much, as life got busy.  When they started advertising the Twilight movie, I decided to check out the books and BAM, I got hooked into reading again.  For a few years, I read a lot of paranormal and YA and then moved to NA and contemporary with a bit of historical romance thrown in.

I will read pretty much any type of romance as long as the story and character development are good.  I particularly enjoy angsty reads, second chance romance and best friend romance.  I am an equal opportunity lover of stand alones and series.  I want to laugh or cry and I think when an author can make me do that, they’ve done their job well.

My favorite all time stand alones are Flat Out Love by Jessica Park and Archer’s Voice by Mia Sheridan.  As far as series go, my favorites are probably The Addicted Series by Krista and Becca Ritchie and the Slammed series by Colleen Hoover.  And trust me, there are so many great books out there, it was hard to choose just those.

My favorite funny romance novels are The Bet by Rachel Van Dyken and The Chocolate Lovers series by Tara Sivec.  They are completely different but both get regular re-reads from me.  The last books that really made me cry where After the Rain by Renee Carlino and a companion novella to the Fate series by Heather Lyons.

A good book boyfriend also helps me love a novel.  If pressed to choose favorites, I go with Gavin Blake (Collide/Pulse by Gail McHugh), Ethan Blackstone (the Blackstone Affair by Raine Miller) and Archer Hale (Archer’s Voice by Mia Sheridan).

If I had to pick one book I think everyone who enjoys romance should read before they die, I’d say Jane Austen’s entire collection.  For me, that’s where my love of romance really started many years ago.

Contact: aliteraryperusal.whitney@gmail.com

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